Class descriptions

Contemporary Yoga

‘Contemporary Yoga’ is a merging of eastern and western thought, knowledge and practice. Integrated yoga practice supports living life with deeper insight, sensitivity, self knowing, and resilience. Form is infused by the integration of developmental and functional movement patterns which encourage freedom and grace in movement, posture and breath. Contemporary Yoga in New Zealand is being developed by Karla Brodie, Vincent Bolletta, Neal Ghoshal and Dyana Wells who facilitate a unique and in depth yoga teacher training program

Integrative Yoga

These classes are designed to make yoga functional and accessible with an emphasis on connecting layers of the body’s physiology as much as coordinating the body parts as a fully integrated organism where the consequence of an action in one part has a direct impact on another. This is why the practice starts with the breath and the rest of the practice becomes a reflection of this as we reclaim it from the inside out. Integrative yoga is developed by Jac Wilson and Vincent Bolletta.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga is a powerful practice to deeply rest and restore the mind and body. Classical yoga postures are practiced completely supported by blankets and bolsters. This practice is a positive antidote to high levels of stress and fatigue. Karla, a principal teacher of the contemporary yoga restorative program, has taught restorative for 16 years throughout Auckland, she co-faciliates restorative yoga retreats and teacher trainings. She is one of New Zealand’s most experienced teachers of this very nourishing approach to yoga practice.

Youth Yoga

Youth yoga is a great way to explore and get to know the ever-changing physical body, learn how to use breath to stay calm in stressful and challenging situations, and learn to be more mindful with ease – all skills that will enhance the journey from teenager to adulthood. Body / mind / breath integration is key to making the journey an enjoyable one. Classes run as term courses. Learn more about Youth Yoga

Wellness Program

The Contemporary Yoga Centre runs free wellness classes for people living with chronic illness and long term health conditions. The practice will combine slow movement, supported by the breath, with luxurious restorative yoga.

Each class will conclude with refreshments and a chance to meet others in the group.

Participants are welcome to bring along a family member or support person.

For bookings and enquiries please contact Emma: 021 843 266

Learn more about our Wellness program

Every Body Yoga

This is yoga designed for EVERY body. Working with the body we have Yoga for Every Body will maintain joint mobility, strengthen bones, build muscle tone, and create a calm, open mind and body. Yoga to help to balance our busy lives. Yoga for Every Body is exactly that. Yoga that everybody will find accessible.


Somatics is an approach to understanding our mind-body experientially. Somatic practices serve to deconstruct habitual movement patterns that may be leading to imbalance. The practices appear simple and can have a powerful and positive effect on our movement quality, organisation and coordination.

Teacher Training

Contemporary Yoga offers comprehensive teacher training programs throughout the year. The programs include in-depth anatomy and physiology, philosophy of yoga, yoga therapeutics, somatics, ethics, and a developmental and functional approach to experientially understanding yoga practice. For more details see our training site.

Course levels

Beginner’s courses
Our beginners courses offer a time and space to explore essential and fundamental principals of yoga practice. Our emphasis is on breathing ease-fully, postural awareness, and agility. The courses are educational, combining active practice with learning how to rest well.

Level 2
Level 2 courses are designed for students with some prior yoga experience. Themes are followed throughout a course enabling students to deepen their understanding of the practice beyond a one off class.

Experienced – 2-3 years prior experience required to attend this class.


Bookings for all classes initially are recommended, and essential for term courses.

For enquiries:

Or Call Karla Brodie 021 964252


5 week courses, $110
4 week course, $88
10 week course Tuesday 7.30pm, $210

One class $25
5 week concessions $110
10 class concessions $200

Youth yoga:
5 week courses $90
2×5 week course $170
One class, $20

Private lessons:
$95-$110 (depending on the individual teacher and experience)

cash directly to the teacher or automatic payment to Contemporary Yoga 06-0185-0507923-25

Please note, course fees can be adjusted for any away dates communicated prior to a course commencing. Any missed classes during a course are not transferable or refunded. Payment for courses prior to the start date secures your place. Concession cards have a four month expiry date from purchase. Thank you.

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