Jac Wilson

Contemporary Yoga

A lifetime of dance training and movement has been supported and assisted by theoretical (BPhEd) and practical (Dip Contemporary Dance) study and application to teaching since 2002. Jac’s teaching style comes from a broad experience of yoga practice but with an emphasis on mastering the basics in order to optimise the mechanics of moving in everyday life. Jac believes function is the prime motivation with breath at it’s core.

Amongst general classes she has experience working with physical disabilities and mental health. It is from these places she draws much learning along with her own physical experiences.

All classes are accessible to any level of experience.

Jac teaches public and private classes and is also available for privates.

Jac is a co-director of both the Contemporary Yoga Centre and The Wellness Collective in Kingsland


Jac teaches a weekly class on Thursday mornings at 9.30am

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