Sonya Simpson

Yoga means yolk. It is the centre, the place from which we grow and begin to acknowledge ourselves as we truly are, we meet our true self and accept what we discover.

At 20 I reached down to touch my toes and found that I couldn’t get close, this bought me to the physical practice of yoga. A little later I realised I couldn’t stop my busy mind and decided I suffered from self proclaimed ‘chronic dissatisfaction syndrome’. After much reading and practice my mind started to become clearer and quieter. Yoga gave me the platform to shape myself physically, spiritually and emotionally. I felt satisfied and yet nothing much had changed in my environment. To use a word that is maybe a little passé I felt joyous.

I love movement… the transitions from one space to the next, the dancelike quality that yoga can have. I love the familiarity that the movements begin to have over time, the way that they calm the mind and simply feel good. The movement of yoga strengthens the muscles of the body to keep it moving with grace or begin to ease tensions. The breathing practice slowly filters down into everyday life so that emotion becomes natural and easy.

I try to facilitate a class in which people feel included, nurtured and safe yet challenged. I remind my students that they are all working with differences and that what they need one week they may not need in the next. Sometimes my classes have music and sometimes they have the natural sounds of the environment. I am a teacher and I try to ensure that my classes meet the needs of all of my students, taking into account their abilities, needs, experiences and the day that they have emerged from.

200 hour certified Yoga Teacher
Bachelor of Teaching

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Sonya teaches the Monday at 7.30pm weekly class.

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