dance + rest gathering

Dance + Rest

Contemporary Yoga Centre
June 2 (Jo) / July 7 / August 4 /
September 15 / October 20 (Jo) / January 17 2025

4-5.30 pm

Monthly Sunday afternoon dance + rest gatherings.
An afternoon movement and rest tonic co-lab with Karla and Jo Pearson.

Class starts with a pause to breathe, six songs to dance, then a deep rest and a cup of tea.

Jo will be adding specific breath practices to the gatherings she is facilitating.

$40 per class

e v e r y   b o d y   w e l c o m e !


"I remembered to dance. I remembered how good it feels to be moving freely, moving through feeling un-coordinated, less than graceful, graceful and playful. Following what feels nourishing, joy inducing. Listening to new music, old music, old music with new ears."