Jo Pearson

Jo Pearson

Jo is a Meditation teacher and breathwork facilitator. She is passionate about helping adults and teenagers develop a different relationship with their minds and emotions, through breathwork and meditation.

She is passionate about helping people develop a better understanding about their nervous systems and how they are currently showing up for them, how to develop an awareness and different relationship of their energetic landscape and how this plays a big part in how we perceive others around us and feeds our actions and words.

Connect with Jo:
IG: @jo_meditation

“I found Jo's breathwork sessions so deeply calming, it's taught me the power of the breath to calm. I really love her classes and her warm, genuine presence.”

“I started attended Jo’s breathe work classes to help with my recovery from long covid, I had been doing some breathe work alone but struggled to learn. Jo has the most amazing calm presence and ability to teach that ensures you learn really quickly. It is the most incredible feeling afterwards, sometimes I feel like I am floating. It has made a huge improvement with my health and mindset.”